Download the PHP package aura/autoload without Composer

On this page you can find all versions of the php package aura/autoload. It is possible to download/install these versions without Composer. Possible dependencies are resolved automatically.


After the download, you have to make one include require_once('vendor/autoload.php');. After that you have to import the classes with use statements.

If you use only one package a project is not needed. But if you use more then one package, without a project it is not possible to import the classes with use statements.

In general, it is recommended to use always a project to download your libraries. In an application normally there is more than one library needed.
Some PHP packages are not free to download and because of that hosted in private repositories. In this case some credentials are needed to access such packages. Please use the auth.json textarea to insert credentials, if a package is coming from a private repository. You can look here for more information.

  • Some hosting areas are not accessible by a terminal or SSH. Then it is not possible to use Composer.
  • To use Composer is sometimes complicated. Especially for beginners.
  • Composer needs much resources. Sometimes they are not available on a simple webspace.
  • If you are using private repositories you don't need to share your credentials. You can set up everything on our site and then you provide a simple download link to your team member.
  • Simplify your Composer build process. Use our own command line tool to download the vendor folder as binary. This makes your build process faster and you don't need to expose your credentials for private repositories.
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Informations about the package autoload


Provides a full PSR-4 and limited PSR-0 autoloader. Although it is installable via Composer, its best use is probably outside a Composer-oriented project.

For a full PSR-0 only autoloader, please see Aura.Autoload v1.



This library requires PHP 5.3 or later; we recommend using the latest available version of PHP as a matter of principle. It has no userland dependencies.

It is installable and autoloadable via Composer as aura/autoload.

Alternatively, download a release or clone this repository, then require or include its autoload.php file.


Scrutinizer Code Quality Code Coverage Build Status

To run the unit tests at the command line, issue phpunit at the package root. (This requires PHPUnit to be available as phpunit.)

This library attempts to comply with PSR-1, PSR-2, and PSR-4. If you notice compliance oversights, please send a patch via pull request.


To ask questions, provide feedback, or otherwise communicate with the Aura community, please join our Google Group, follow @auraphp on Twitter, or chat with us on #auraphp on Freenode.

Getting Started

To use the autoloader, first instantiate it, then register it with SPL autoloader stack:

PSR-4 Namespace Prefixes

To add a namespace conforming to PSR-4 specifications, point to the base directory for that namespace. Multiple base directories are allowed, and will be searched in the order they are added.

To set several namespaces prefixes at once, overriding all previous prefix settings, use setPrefixes().

PSR-0 Namespaces

To add a namespace conforming to PSR-0 specifications, one that uses only namespace separators in the class names (no underscores allowed!), point to the directory containing classes for that namespace. Multiple directories are allowed, and will be searched in the order they are added.

To set several namespaces prefixes at once, as with PSR-4, use setPrefixes().

Explicit Class-to-File Mappings

To map a class explictly to a file, use the setClassFile() method.

To set several class-to-file mappings at once, overriding all previous mappings, use setClassFiles(). (Alternatively, use addClassFiles() to append to the existing mappings.)

Inspection and Debugging

These methods are available to inspect the Loader:

If a class file cannot be loaded for some reason, review the debug information using getDebug(). This will show a log of information for the most-recent autoload attempt involving the Loader.

All versions of autoload with dependencies

PHP Build Version
Package Version
Requires php Version >=5.3.0
Composer command for our command line client (download client) This client runs in each environment. You don't need a specific PHP version etc. The first 20 API calls are free. Standard composer command

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