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After the download, you have to make one include require_once('vendor/autoload.php');. After that you have to import the classes with use statements.

If you use only one package a project is not needed. But if you use more then one package, without a project it is not possible to import the classes with use statements.

In general, it is recommended to use always a project to download your libraries. In an application normally there is more than one library needed.
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  • Some hosting areas are not accessible by a terminal or SSH. Then it is not possible to use Composer.
  • To use Composer is sometimes complicated. Especially for beginners.
  • Composer needs much resources. Sometimes they are not available on a simple webspace.
  • If you are using private repositories you don't need to share your credentials. You can set up everything on our site and then you provide a simple download link to your team member.
  • Simplify your Composer build process. Use our own command line tool to download the vendor folder as binary. This makes your build process faster and you don't need to expose your credentials for private repositories.
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All versions of xlsx-reader with dependencies

Informations about the package xlsx-reader


xlsx-reader is an extension of the XLSX-targeted spreadsheet reader that is part of spreadsheet-reader.

It delivers functionality to efficiently read in data contained within the given XLSX file.

The focus of this library is on delivering data contained in XLSX spreadsheet cells, not the document's styling. As such, the library offers no support for XLSX capabilities that aren't strictly necessary to achieve this goal. Only basic cell value formatting and shared string functionalities are supported.


Installation using Composer

The package is available on Packagist. You can install it using Composer.


All data is read from the file sequentially, with each row being returned as an array of columns.

XLSX files with multiple worksheets are also supported. The method getSheets() returns an array with sheet indexes as keys and Worksheet objects as values. The method changeSheet($index) is used to switch between sheets to read.

Options to tune the reader's behavior and output can be specified via a ReaderConfiguration instance.

For a full list of supported options and their effects, consult the in-code documentation of ReaderConfiguration.

Notes about library performance

XLSX files use so-called "shared strings" to optimize file sizes for cases where the same string is repeated multiple times. For larger documents, this list of shared strings can become quite large, causing either performance bottlenecks or high memory consumption when parsing the document.

To deal with this, the reader selects sensible defaults for maximum RAM consumption. Once this memory limit has been exhausted, the file system is used for further optimization strategies.

To configure this behavior in detail, e.g. to increase the amount of memory available to the reader, a SharedStringsConfiguration instance can be attached to the ReaderConfiguration instance supplied to the reader's constructor.

For a full list of supported options and their effects, consult the in-code documentation of SharedStringsConfiguration.

Notes about unsupported features

This reader's purpose is to allow reading of basic data (text, numbers, dates...) from XLSX documents. As such, there are no plans to extend support to include all features available for XLSX files. Only a minimal subset of XLSX capabilities is supported.

In particular, the following should be noted in regard to unsupported features:


All the code in this library is licensed under the MIT license as included in the file.

Requires php Version >= 7.1
ext-zip Version *
ext-xmlreader Version *

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