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Steam Market API V2




With composer

Run this text in a console to install this package:

This package currently offers 9 API calls you can make to Steam, 1 API to CSGOFloat-API and 5 technical methods.


All methods don't have delays. If you are using some method in a cycle, please use this in-built php function to prevent steam block for a few minutes:

Recommended 12 (5 req/min) and more seconds.

Creating new object


Market Listings

This will return a list of 100 items, you'll need to change the start option to cycle through the complete list of item.

You'll get 3 technical fields and array of items:

Item Sale History

This will return the lifetime sales history for an item by date.

Item Current Price

This will return the lowest and median price for an item.

Search Items

You'll get 3 technical fields and array of items:

Inspect Item

Source API:

You'll get this response:

Inspect Item V2

You'll get this response:

Item Listings

You'll get 3 technical fields and array of items:

Item Orders Histogram

You'll get this response:

Item Name ID

This method needs in order to get the item_nameid for the method above (Item Orders Histogram).

You'll get the item_nameid number:

Currency List

You'll receive currency list:

Condition List

You'll receive condition list:

User Agents List

This method return User Agents List for this browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari

You'll receive user agents list:

Next IP

If you are using for the first time you will get the first item. If you have reached the last item then the first item will be returned to you.

You'll receive next ip:

Stickers Position List

This method return stickers position list of guns. Positions taken from CSGOFloat Api.

You'll receive stickers position list:

User Inventory

This method return user inventory by SteamID64.

You'll receive inventory items:

User Inventory V2

This method return FULL user inventory by SteamID64.

You'll receive inventory items:


In release v2.2 added a second optional $proxy parameter where you can pass cURL parameters as in the example:

Requires ext-json Version *
ext-curl Version *
ext-bcmath Version *
ext-zlib Version *
psy/psysh Version ^0.10.5
imangazaliev/didom Version ^1.16
php-curl-class/php-curl-class Version ^8.9.0
ext-intl Version *

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