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Quotation is a simple way to extract the currency situation converted for CURRENCY REAL (BRL), either on the current day or in previous periods, as well as at defined intervals. Contains a vast collection of coins to get your status for REAL (BRL).

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Breadcrumbs in an uncomplicated way. This component facilitates the way to create breadcrumbs for your website, to favor a more accessible navigation. It was designed to work very well with the Bootstrap Framework. Besides being very easy to use, it has very interesting possibilities, such as adding new separators and new CSS classes to style this interface component to your liking. The Breadcrumb Component also allows you to have access to the Array assembled to feed into other features of your system, such as a microformat, for example.

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Zipper is a facilitator for creating Zip Files in an uncomplicated way, with features of Download, Insert Files, Extraction and Creation of Zip with multiple in one!

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