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Performant pure-PHP AMQP (RabbitMQ) sync/async (ReactPHP) library


BunnyPHP requires PHP 7.1 and newer.


Add as Composer dependency:


You might ask if there isn't a library/extension to connect to AMQP broker (e.g. RabbitMQ) already. Yes, there are multiple options:

Why should you want to choose BunnyPHP instead?

Apart from that BunnyPHP is more performant than main competing library, php-amqplib. See benchmark/ directory and php-amqplib's benchmark/.

Benchmarks were run as:

Library N (# messages) Produce sec Produce msg/sec Consume sec Consume msg/sec
php-amqplib 100 0.0131 7633 0.0446 2242
bunnyphp 100 0.0128 7812 0.0488 2049
bunnyphp +/- +2.3% -8.6%
php-amqplib 1000 0.1218 8210 0.4801 2082
bunnyphp 1000 0.1042 9596 0.2919 3425
bunnyphp +/- +17% +64%
php-amqplib 10000 1.1075 9029 5.1824 1929
bunnyphp 10000 0.9078 11015 2.9058 3441
bunnyphp +/- +22% +78%
php-amqplib 100000 20.7005 4830 69.0360 1448
bunnyphp 100000 9.7891 10215 35.7305 2789
bunnyphp +/- +111% +92%



When instantiating the BunnyPHP Client accepts an array with connection options:

Connecting with SSL/TLS

Options for SSL-connections should be specified as array ssl:

For options description - please see SSL context options.

Note: invalid SSL configuration will cause connection failure.

See also common configuration variants.

Publish a message

Now that we have a connection with the server we need to create a channel and declare a queue to communicate over before we can publish a message, or subscribe to a queue for that matter.

With a communication channel set up, we can now publish a message to the queue:

Subscribing to a queue

Subscribing to a queue can be done in two ways. The first way will run indefinitely:

The other way lets you run the client for a specific amount of time consuming the queue before it stops:

Pop a single message from a queue

Prefetch count

A way to control how many messages are prefetched by BunnyPHP when consuming a queue is by using the channel's QOS method. In the example below only 5 messages will be prefetched. Combined with acknowledging messages this turns into an effective flow control for your applications, especially asynchronous applications. No new messages will be fetched unless one has been acknowledged.

Asynchronous usage

Bunny supports both synchronous and asynchronous usage utilizing ReactPHP. The following example shows setting up a client and consuming a queue indefinitely.

AMQP interop

There is amqp interop compatible wrapper(s) for the bunny library.


You need access to a RabbitMQ instance to run the test suite. You can either connect to an existing instance or use the provided Docker Compose setup to create an isolated environment, including a RabbitMQ container, to run the test suite in.

Local RabbitMQ

Docker Compose


Broker compatibility

Works well with RabbitMQ

Does not work with ActiveMQ because it requires AMQP 1.0 which is a completely different protocol (Bunny is implementing AMQP 0.9.1)


BunnyPHP is licensed under MIT license. See LICENSE file.

Requires php Version ^7.1 || ^8.0
psr/log Version ~1.0
react/event-loop Version ^1.0 || ^0.5 || ^0.4
react/promise Version ~2.2

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